Our Services

Development management & solutions

Matrix Planning Ltd deals with all aspects of the development control process, from small-scale proposals to major projects.
We pride ourselves on taking a positive but realistic approach in assessing proposals and advising on acceptability.
The initial idea is taken through to the completion of the project.
Our team is experienced in all aspects of the process from applications to appeals and Public Inquiries.
We will direct Section 106 Agreements and the complex negotiations that form the basis of appeals and inquires.
Development Management requires firm guidance to guide you to a successful outcome to the development project.

Project management & coordination

Success requires thorough preparation before going public.
Matrix co-ordinates projects from inception through to completion. We take on differing roles according to the client’s requirements, often as the lead consultant.
The type of projects vary considerably and could include the organisation of stakeholder consultation (shortly to be a requirement on all major developers).
As the Environmental Agenda alters and the complexity of the planning system evolves, we are able to meet the demands by advising clients of the most suitable consultants for the projects.
We can manage projects by instructing, meeting and directing other consultants, in conjunction with the client’s wishes.

Who we are and who we work with

Gordon Smith MRTPI

Gordon Smith is Company Director, and a Chartered Town Planner. He is an enthusiastic and seasoned planning professional with 34 years experience in Local Authority and Planning Consultancy sectors.


We can offer you experience of promoting, brokering and facilitating development from a private or public sector viewpoint.

We offer energetic planning advice, with practical solutions to steer clients through a challenging planning system.

Our recent experience working  at a senior level in Local Authorities provides a unique perspective

Small builders and landowners

Small builders and landowners have also found our services useful and cost effective as we take the complexity out of the planning system. We also keep our costs down by not maintaining expensive main offices but work from our homes.
If we can’t do it, we work with others who can.
We are able to prepare reports required to accompany planning applications. Alternatively, if a specialist is needed we can obtain these services on your behalf.

We work with a number of design professionals who can work rapidly to produce 2D and 3D drawings, and masterplans. We will match your needs with the right designer.

Depending on your project, you may need a Flood Risk Assessment, Arboricultural Report (tree survey), a Transport Assessment, Ecology Report (eg. newts, bats, owls) , a Landscape Design, a Contamination Report or Asbestos Survey or Archaeologist or other special requirement relevant to your site.